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Personal Planning Clients

You may have a need for survivor income, debt cancelation,or estate equalization. Minimizing estate taxes and settlement costs and providing hybrid long term care solutions are also important needs which well-designed insurance plans can help with. Planning for children with special needs, blended families,and charitable objectives are also focus areas of our firm.

Business Owners

You may have a need for liquidity at the time of your death to provide for tax payments, estate equalization or business loan cancelation. You may also want to use life insurance to attract and retain key employees, or indemnify the business for the loss of an owner or key employee. Funding business succession plans, and implementing group carve out plans can be valuable. You may already have coverage but are unsure if it is the right amount, right type or owned correctly.

Higher Risk Applicants

Perhaps you have a more hazardous occupation or hobby, professional athletes, pilots, international travelers. You may have been declined or rated for life insurance due to a health issue or combination of issues. Our extensive experience and strong company relationships with specialty carriers may be able to get you appropriate coverage at reasonable rates as efficiently as possible.

Married Couples with at least one non-citizen spouse who has a business interest in the U.S.

If the US citizen passes first, there may be US estate taxes due at the first death. Life insurance can provide liquidity at death to pay taxes.

It can be used on its own or in conjunction with other planning tools like trusts, depending on the circumstances.

Wealthy global citizens looking for asset diversification.

Some of our affluent clients live in countries where they are not confident about their government or financial institutions, or want to diversify some of their assets out of their home country. Life insurance backed by highly regulated US financial institutions that may be able to provide, leverage, tax advantages, flexibility and privacy.

Noncitizens who own assets or vacation homes in the U.S. or are planning to move here.

Life insurance can provide liquidity at death for U.S. estate tax. If designed properly it is a flexible tool that can be changed as laws and life circumstances change.

Noncitizens who live in other countries but have assets or relatives in the U.S.

These clients may be able to make gifts of non U.S. situs property to their U.S. family members free of U.S. gift taxation.

Life insurance can help clients leverage their gifts to provide a larger legacy for their family in the U.S.

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